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Vahdam Teas is among the world’s first vertically integrated online-first tea brands. It sources premium garden fresh teas direct from over 150+ tea plantations & door delivers to consumers across the world. 


We recently designed packaging for two of their product ranges, Matcha Teas and Spices. Being a D2C brand, the objective was to create product labels that not only convey the brand story and product USPs but also outshine competitors in crowded marketplaces like Amazon. 


A new brand was recently launched under the Vahdam India Umbrella called Spice Train. As the name suggests, Spice Train brings authentic Indian spices to people around the world. The spices industry is already very saturated with so many online players. Hence it was very important that customers could easily spot the products amongst all the clutter on marketplaces and retail shelves in the future. 


Again, colour coding has been done well to leave a visual cue for the customers. Along with big and clean typography, product images were also used on the labels to let customers know, what to expect. Our designers came up with a versatile layout and colour palette that can be further extended to new products that Spice Train decides to add to their portfolio. 



Vahdam’s Culinary grade stone-ground Japanese Matcha Green Tea is sourced directly from Uji-Kyoto region of Japan.


The look and feel of matcha labels were crafted to resonate with the global audience as the product is bought by people around the world. Along with having a premium look and feel the label is pretty self-explanatory so that when a customer looks at the product online or in a retail store, they know exactly what to expect. 


Each of these labels is deliberately color-coded to leave a visual cue in the customers' minds. This way their next purchasing journey can be much faster as they will subconsciously know yellow means turmeric, green is matcha, and so on. 


Bold typography with a simple yet elegant layout was used for the consumer to navigate all the information on the pack with ease. 


Akhil Arora

Revenue Manager, Vahdam Teas

It has been great to work with Team HBF. They have been able to provide the perfect support that we needed and work with us as an extended team only. We have seen some good increases in metrics that matters. Keep up the good work!

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