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Introducing MiHeSo

The seed for creating MiHeSo came from an innocent motive of creating clean, yummy, and healthy recipes that even a toddler can enjoy. 


With such a wholesome motto, MiHeSo wanted to create food products that not only improved the body but also cured the mind and the soul.  



Our challenge as a marketing partner was to market their two main product categories, Nut Spreads & Overnight Oats.


In India, there is an overabundance of brands selling nut spreads. So, we had to break through all the noise when it came to this target market to get their attention.


On the other hand, Overnight Oats are such a new concept in India,

that creating awareness about it was something we had to navigate

through smartly. 



Our goal was to overcome the above challenges by creating high-performing ad creatives for marketing which helped the brand acquire new customers. At the same time, we had to touch base with old customers on various channels and urge them to order again.


We also had to strategically communicate the USPs of the products in a way that would resonate with the target audience. These creatives were then showcased across various marketing channels such as website, WhatsApp, email etc.


Campaign strategies were planned for each month based on particular occasions so as to create incentives in the audience’s mind as to why they should purchase the products.


For instance, a payday campaign during month end to captivate people who have just received their salaries.


Based on customer analytics, hyper-focused campaigns were created so as to promote a particular product to a particular set of customers who had an affinity for it. 


The customers who ordered more than once were shown a different creative as compared to customers who hadn’t ordered in a long time. 


The Result: Within a months' time, we saw a rise in MiHeSo’s ROAS by


The repeat order rate increased by


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Dr. Anveshika Singhal

Founder, MiHeSo

Halfbutfull reached out to us with their proposal and we engaged on a small assignment, however we could clearly see the deliverables given were clearly met and exceeded by the team, hence we opted to have a continued and long relationship with Halfbutfull. We were looking for a genuine design agency, which can not only use photoshop but also brains and some research to drive independent design ideas. That’s where HBF stands out with their Design with strategy.  We have been able to definitely improve our CTRs and drive performance with the ad creatives and campaigns. I hope the agency is able to maintain the same rigour and thought process as it grows. Good luck!

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