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Introducing Vahdam Teas

Vahdam Teas is among the world’s first vertically integrated online-first tea brands.  It sources premium garden fresh teas direct from over 150+ tea plantations & door delivers to consumers across the world. Established in 2015, Vahdam Teas have been already shipped to 80 countries with USA, Russia & Europe being it’s top markets. The team shares a passionate vision to create India’s first home-grown global tea brand by leveraging technology.


Vahdam teas is a global brand which ships teas all across the globe. The challenge with designing engaging videos and static images for them was that the visuals had to induce a global feel while keeping the overall aesthetic premium. 


Due to the cross-culture ecosystem the brand is in, the design not only had to convey the benefits but also had to be consistent, so much so that it can be easily translated into three languages. 



To optimise their sales funnel and to get better results on their advertisement spent, here’s what we did -


Designed various types of content in the form of images and videos which were then pushed to the desired target market

Tweaked their design language to make the creatives more striking and engaging.


Increased the production time of the content so that diverse ads could be pushed out with a greater speed, resulting in more and more fresh interactions for the audience.  


The Result: Click through rate (CTR) increased      


The creatives used in Vahdam Teas’ advertisements on Facebook and Instagram were able to improve the click through rate (CTR) by 30% and the cost per acquisition (CPA) also reduced by 20%. 

Green Tea
Hibiscus Tea
Cumin Whole

Akhil Arora

Revenue Manager, Vahdam Teas

It has been great to work with Team HBF. They have been able to provide the perfect support that we needed and work with us as an extended team only. We have seen some good increases in metrics that matters. Keep up the good work!

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