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Unleash Wellness is a brand that believes in promoting optimal health and well-being for pets.


The company’s core competency lies in offering unique solutions when it comes to pets’ overall health, boosting their immunity system, and much more through their wide range of high-quality supplements.


Where did we come in?

The good folks at Unleash Wellness approached us with a brand identity and packaging project. 


Essentially, we were able to come in and firstly establish a visual identity for the brand from the ground up, whilst also creating packaging for their supplement packs.


“Unleash” Wellness.

The logo for any brand is the face that sets a foundation for who they are and what they stand for. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with Unleash’s logo as well. 

The hero graphic element is of a "leash being unleashed." This representation brings to life the key motto of the firm, which is to unleash your pets’ full potential!


The idea was to capture this thought in graphic form. 

fTKeObbg.jpeg (12).gif


While doing market research on other competitor brands, we quickly realised that most products in these categories had photographic packaging. To "top that of," the packaging of these supplements was done in such a way that they could hardly be distinguished from general medicines for humans.


We did not want to adhere to this visual aesthetic, which has been going on for ages in pharmaceutical marketing realms.


Hence, we designed different colour palettes specific to each product. And the main highlight was the illustrative approach that we took on the packs.


The style of the illustration was made to look playful and attractive. This would engage with the customers in such a way that it would remind them of the playful relationship between their pets and themselves. It would also make the brand stand out from its D2C competitors. 


Radhika Verma

Co-founder, Unleash Wellness

Unleash wellness has that distinction in packaging that I was looking for and I’m happy with the work delivered. HBF team was inclusive of our ideas and expectation. Open to looking at design with our perspective and willing to make iterations because they understand that co-founders are not designers. Best part about them is their attention to detail. Some things like spacing between texts, input on how the packaging will actually look post printing was done well since design needs to work hand in hand with print.

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