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Meddo’s core lies in integrating technology with healthcare. Their goal is to bring together all healthcare needs for people onto a single platform, and also to store digital patient records. 


As ambitious as their motto sounds, it was a challenge to undertake their value proposition and market it to the masses. As the franchise lies within the medical industry, we made sure the target audience understood what the brand was trying to communicate clearly and effectively in simple language. 


We also wanted to state clearly why Meddo was a better alternative than its competitors such as Practo, Pathkind Labs etc.

How did we achieve these?

Well, first we studied the brand’s core values and what they wanted to achieve as a business. In past times, they felt that other agencies and their teams didn’t really get who they were as a company and often overlooked their vision, but with us, this wasn’t the case. (Not our words, but theirs!) 


We furiously promoted the companies' centralised, one-stop, integrated business model through videos and posts on their social media handles. This gave their target audience direct access to the brand’s core essence and values. It also made them aware of why Meddo was more credible and a better option as compared to their competitors.


We also designed an app for the company, which showcases features such as: a database of doctors; digital track records of patients; reviews left by patients; online booking of doctors; and other various important amenities. 

App screen 3.jpg
App screen 2.jpg
app screen 1.jpg

We also assisted them with print designs such as brochures, standees, flyers, and clinic boards.

display banner.jpg
meddo thumbnail.jpg
Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 4.34.44 PM.png

Jannat Kalra

Marketing Head, Meddo

It was difficult to arrive at the decision of onboarding a design agency, people who have been in this position would probably resonate with this sentiment, that’s when I got in touch with Kartik & Team, while already skeptical, I had the reassurance of positive feedback from a few mutual connects. Over the course of the last 1 year the team has managed to (positively) surprise me, not only did they establish significant learning of the brand and the business (mostly overlooked) quickly, but they have also been the most supportive in terms of meeting deadlines and achieving the right quality no matter the rounds of revision.


One of their many strong suits is the patience to understand complex ideas and concepts plus the ability to take any kind of feedback in stride, design as a function needs to be built on strong understanding and flexibility which they have managed to ace, that reflects well in perfect (well almost 😉) execution as well.  


I would recommend them to anyone looking for a team with a great work ethic and delivery with quality.

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