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Teaveli blends nature's inspiration with a commitment to delivering the world's safest and cleanest superfoods transparently. Guided by principles of using scientifically proven ingredients, Teaveli prioritizes safety by forgoing questionable components, extending this commitment to its vitamin formulations. From organic wheat grass to Spirulina Chlorella capsules, Teaveli merges ancient wisdom with modern science. Choose Teaveli for the cleanest path to sustainable nutrition.

We meticulously crafted packaging for six exceptional superfood products, each embodying the brand's commitment to safety, transparency, and quality. The lineup includes Barley Grass Powder, Spirulina Chlorella Capsules, Urolithin-A, Premium Apigenin Capsules, Sea Moss Gummies, and Golden Milk Powder. In a health and wellness sector where standing out is imperative, Teaveli's packaging emerges as a symbol of distinction, ensuring that each product is not just seen but remembered.


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Our design philosophy for Barley Grass Powder embraces freshness with a vibrant green palette. The clean, modern style communicates purity, while the easy-to-read font caters to older audiences. Simple representations of barley grass on the right side add visual appeal, aiming to convey vitality, purity, and natural energy.


As the product name and focal point, "Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder" takes center stage, ensuring clear communication of the product's essence. The packaging prominently highlights key benefits such as energy boost, healthy digestion, detox, and alkalizing. The vertically placed Teaveli logo enhances brand recognition. Tailored for older individuals, the design delivers a message of clarity and simplicity in their pursuit of natural well-being.



In crafting the packaging for Spirulina Chlorella Capsules, we embrace a modern and minimalistic approach, choosing a rejuvenating green color palette inspired by the natural vibrancy of the superfood. Crisp and clear sans-serif fonts complement an underwater background with subtle algae patterns, evoking freshness, vitality, and purity. 


The design prominently displays the product name and key benefits. The vertical placement of the Teaveli logo on the left was chosen for readability and to introduce a distinctive element. The design caters to a wide audience, including health-conscious individuals seeking natural energy and detox solutions.



The packaging for Urolithin-A exudes a bold and premium aesthetic with a color palette of bold red and white. Clean lines and sleek fonts contribute to a sophisticated look, while a dynamic red powder blasting background conveys potency and vitality. The design highlights the product name and key ingredients, complemented by icons in an outline illustration. This approach aims to communicate power, vitality, and premium quality, appealing to a target demographic of health enthusiasts or professionals.



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For Premium Apigenin Capsules, a calming green palette and clean lines create a serene and natural feel. Readable sans-serif fonts and subtle nature elements contribute to a contemporary look. The vertical logo and an outline illustration add a touch of sophistication. 


The design places a spotlight on "Apigenin Capsules," underscoring the pivotal role of trans-resveratrol, a key ingredient known for its exceptional properties. The mention of "239% better absorption" is a testament to Teaveli's commitment to delivering an optimized wellness experience. This packaging is crafted for individuals those exploring sleep aid solutions.



Sea Moss Gummies packaging employs shades of orange and brown to match the gummies' color, creating a modern and clean design. Easy-to-read sans-serif fonts convey approachability, while a vertical logo on the left and an outline illustration of seaweed enhance visual appeal. 


The design aims to evoke a sense of health, wellness, and natural goodness, highlighting "Sea Moss Gummies" and key benefits: thyroid support, immune boost, and joint health. The target audience is health-conscious individuals interested in natural supplements.



For Golden Milk Powder, warm and inviting orange tones set the tone for a modern, clean, and fresh design with a touch of warmth. Sans-serif fonts maintain a clean and modern look, while a vertical logo on the left and a golden powder strip with a mint leaf on the right enhance the visual appeal. 


The design conveys warmth, health, and premium quality, including a sustainability seal saying "Same Quality, Less Plastic." Targeting health-conscious individuals seeking natural and quality products, this packaging emphasizes the product's unique qualities.

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