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Navvayd Teas embodies the essence of 'Naivedyam,' where customers are revered as Gods. The brand's mission is to revolutionize tea consumption, offering whole leaf, fresh, and aromatic teas at affordable prices. They prioritize the fundamentals of tea quality, from whole leaf grade to preserving aroma, and bring you their expertise with 60 years of experience.

Introduction of the Ranges of Teas

We have designed packaging for Navvayd's three exceptional tea ranges: Green Tea, Masala Chai, and Darjeeling Tea, with a dual focus—creating distinct packaging designs that capture the essence of each tea type while ensuring a unified brand identity. This approach is vital, especially in the competitive world of D2C brands like Amazon, where standing out is essential.


Our approach to packaging design for this range centers on a 'less is more' philosophy. We prioritize clear communication, ensuring that vital elements like ingredients and tea liquor colour stand out prominently in the online marketplace.


This design seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, using texture and colour to engage customers both visually and physically. The clean typography and a modern layout capture the essence of green tea and tea estates, resulting in a simplistic yet elegant packaging that embodies the spirit of the product's offerings.



For the Masala Chai range, we've embraced a fusion of vintage India with a contemporary twist, resulting in a captivating visual narrative. This approach seamlessly blends iconic Indian elements like elephants, auto-rickshaws, and the Taj Mahal with vibrant and enticing colors, forming an organic pattern that beckons tea enthusiasts on any platform. 


To evoke the rich chai experience, we've incorporated a textured brown patch behind the tea cup, mirroring the deep color of the chai liquor it represents. Much like the green tea range, we've placed key ingredients front and center near the cup, ensuring transparency and visual allure for consumers, whether they purchase online or in-store. It's a design that captures the essence of Masala Chai, delivering both tradition and modernity in every cup.



In crafting the packaging for Darjeeling tea range, we sought to blend the serene beauty of tea estates with the majestic sky. The packaging design exudes tranquility, perfectly reflecting the essence of Darjeeling, the birthplace of this exceptional tea. At the heart of the design is a ticket-like layout, housing essential product information.


Beyond that, we've captured the ever-changing sky, featuring various phases- clear, cloudy, sunset, and dawn- to represent the diverse array of teas the brand offers, including white tea, black tea, and oolong tea. Adding a touch of whimsy to the mix, we've incorporated elements like the iconic toy train, paying homage to the region's heritage. Equally vital are the women who play an integral role in tea plucking, featured prominently to honor their contribution.

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