Mumsmile programme is designed with the aim to provide complete care to an expectant mother so that she can smile through the most crucial period of her life and  deliver a healthy baby.

The program is designed with the help of experienced gynecologists and fitness experts. 

Our team started with thorough research and analysis, to make sure, every aspect of the business comes alive on the website. Bakers Global has been offering products to many esteemed f&b businesses like subway, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, etc. With such a diverse clientele, it was clear that the new web experience should be better than, if not at par global standards. 


This stylescapes we put together aimed at evoking a professional and corporate feel while portraying the brand as a connoisseur in the domain. The colours chosen, have a high amount of contrast so that the layout much more interesting to look at.


A combination of modern serif fonts gives quite a classy and in-time look. 



The main aim of Mumsmile App is to cater to the stressful times that women go through during their pregnancy. To keep them utmost comfortable physically, psychologically and emotionally with all the help from experts and useful information about the process. 


Shishir Vaidya

Founder, Mumsmile

Halfbutfull’s portfolio led me to have an engagement with them. Before working with them, I didn’t have the correct brand positioning for my company and none of the earlier service provides I worked with understood that.

HBF  listened to our suggestions patiently and understood our business model. While working towards a Facebook campaign I realised that they have the ability to translate our ideas into visuals.


After working with HBF, we are being accepted more by our clients and they now understand the vision of our company.