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Introducing Kandee Factory

Kandee Factory is India’s first and only group of evolving clean label confectionery brands. Headquartered in Chennai, it has four brands under its umbrella, Toonpops, Marshmelts, Orileys and Kandee Factory. Since the last 7 years they have been manufacturing vegan and cruelty free products like Marshmallows, gummy bears, lollypops, etc. 


Kandee Factory was about to kick off their marketing activities and one of the biggest challenge was to position it as a brand that people can rely on. With so much stigma attached towards eating candies due to high sugar and artificial colours, we had to change the mindset of people and convey that through Kandee Factory they can can indulge responsibly. 


In addition to that, Confectionery products are enjoyed by people of all age groups. From kids to adults, everyone likes to have some good sweet treats. Hence we had to build a marketing strategy to cater to multiple age groups and demographics of people. Our team of copywriters and designers

had to come up with communication tailored to each of these segments

of audiences. 



We decided on amazon to be the point of sale and initiated the campaigns while delivering the following-

Did a photoshoot for their brands to capture the products in an aesthetically pleasing way


Designed amazon storefront for their brands and created thumbnails for all the products to convey their USPs 


Came up with a communication strategy revolving around the products, not only being fun and appetizing, but also cruelty-free, preservative-free and vegan. 


Running facebook and instagram ads to Target different segments of audience with messages tailored to their interests.  


The Result: Number of products sold in a month increased by      


Taking time to fully understand the e-commerce business of Kandee Factory enabled us to attract the right customers, with the right message. 

Kandee natural colours
Brand video

Mahesh Dharam

Founder, CEO, Kandee Factory

Fresh, simple and impactful design philosophy is what was strikingly different with the folks at HBF. 

Before engaging with Halfbutfull, we had fragmented design across different platforms and needed to change that dramatically at a shoe string budget. 


Team HBF has high level of work ownership and empathy towards the different stake holders on the platform. Building Multiple Brands is tough and how hbf showed consistency in treating our different brands uniquely will matter in the future.

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