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Introducing Northmist

Northmist was established in 2018 in the city of Bangalore with the vision of being sustainable. Today they are India’s first organic cotton menswear eco-friendly brand. Each t-shirt they make saves 1750 glasses of water. 


Northmist was doing well in the B2C sector but our task was to increase the sales with corporate partnership in B2B sector. They had a few partnerships already, but the challenge was to reach more companies and share Northmist’s offerings.


While initiating the project we discovered two points -

Apparel industry is highly competitive space 


Purchase ultimately depends on timing. We had to reach these companies when they actually need to buy good t-shirts. Showing up at the right time was key as it is generally a one time requirement and not frequent. 



Northmist knew that to be able to build corporate partnerships, they needed to reach the decision makers in those companies, they just needed to get there. To serve this purpose we had to get attention of either the admin department or the HR department of companies as these are the people who are usually responsible for such purchases.


So here’s what we did - 


Looking at the target market we created an email marketing strategy which would generate qualifies leads for Northmist.


We extracted a database of emails from Linkedin who could be prospective clients for the company


2 different email sequence of four mails each were prepared with unique subject lines and engaging content to be sent to prospects. 


Northmist’s landing page was optimised with the goal to get more enquiries when the traffic from the mails is  pushed to the page.


Emails were analysed on daily basis to observe metrics like open rates, clicks, etc.


The Result: Qualified leads increased


In a period of four weeks,


Northmist got an email open rate of over 25% which is well above industry standards.


In this period, there was an increase of 43%

in the amount of qualified leads generated for corporate partnership with Northmist.

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