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Introducing Eggoz

Eggoz was set up by IIT Kharagpur alumni with a vision to improve the protein consumption of people thereby enriching the lives of rural egg farmers. Since its inception, Eggoz has developed processes to make sure the production of the egg farmers is packed, UV sanitised, and brought to the retail stores within 36 hours of laying, thereby completely preserving the nutritional value of the egg. 



Typically, people have always been buying eggs from a roadside vendors who sell in their area. Most people aren’t even aware of the expiration date of the eggs they buy. The biggest challenge was to nudge people to change their traditional habits of buying non-branded eggs and making them aware of the benefits of branded ones. In addition to this, eggs are a basic commodity. And to market, a commodity takes special skill and strategies. To put across an age-old product like eggs in an interesting way the makes people question their decisions was another big challenge. 



Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic we focused on Bigbasket as the primary sales channel and Instagram as the primary brand awareness channel. Here’s what we did:

Cleaned up their social media channels and made them looks more professional and welcoming for the prospective customers in terms of content, design, bio, etc. 


Produced social media content that would engage people during the pandemic and make them aware about the brand.


Used many different ad formats on facebook like carousel, static image, videos, reels, etc. to engage the audience.


We leveraged the fact that people became more concerned about their health and safety and nudged them towards a better solution i.e Eggoz Eggs.  


Lockdown was impacting the offline business so we made sure Eggoz was present when the potential audience was looking to purchase eggs online. Because during the pandemic people relied more on digital means to buy necessities like eggs. 


The Result: Within a months' time, Eggoz saw a compelling results as their ROAS increased to


With a strategic approach, we were able to creative a positive results during pandemic when the purchasing power of customers was very low.  


Targeting customers was done with precision keeping in mind the target audience and hence we saw a high engagement rate, increased number of followers and likes on social media which indicated that the content we pushed out was getting the necessary attention, which was our main goal.  

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Vandana Vishwanathan

Head of Marketing, Eggoz

HBF mainly helped us align our social media with our brand guidelines and bring in a lot of consistency in design and communication. Simple and effective communication with their crisp copy writing instantly connects with the audience and that’s something that stood out for us.


They are low maintenance, responsive, quick and meticulous about their work.

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