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A website design project for F'!T Nutrition, a brand that makes delicious and nutritious products for people adapting to an active
and healthy lifestyle by giving them a convenient way of adding protein into their diets.

Our team started with thorough research and analysis, to make sure, every aspect of the business comes alive on the website. Bakers Global has been offering products to many esteemed f&b businesses like subway, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, etc. With such a diverse clientele, it was clear that the new web experience should be better than, if not at par global standards. 


This stylescapes we put together aimed at evoking a professional and corporate feel while portraying the brand as a connoisseur in the domain. The colours chosen, have a high amount of contrast so that the layout much more interesting to look at.


A combination of modern serif fonts gives quite a classy and in-time look. 


Piyush Gupta

Founder, F'!T Nutrition

We had no systematic marketing process and HBF helped us in putting it together. With excellent customer service and their experience in food & beverage industry along with flexibility of services they offer benefitted us. That resulted in achieving a more organised process and approach to market our products online.

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