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Introducing ZingaVita

Zingavita was set up by a group of health enthusiasts who had a vision, that getting healthy can and should be simple and fun. The goal was to create a fabulous range of products that make eating a choice that puts a smile on their customer’s faces.



With health products already established within the women and family nutrition categories, the new challenge for Zingavita arose while breaking in a new brand, for child nutrition, where credibility of brand / products is paramount for parents.


The product was an interesting format of Gummies which delivers essential nutrition to kids in a child friendly manner. Challenges again came to the forefront, due to the category of product being niche and also the lack of customer education available on it.



Here’s what we did to boost awareness about the product:


We generated interesting informative videos for Zingavita to communicate the brand proposition and product value proposition for customer education.


We used these videos for sponsored ads on Amazon to increase brand visibility / awareness.


The Result: ZingaVita’s Video view through rate and Click through rate increased substantially

Video View through Rate


Click through Rate


Applying a strategic approach, not only where were we able to achieve the above but also managed to get an increase on the Daily order run rate by 42%.


Hence, we were able to achieve the main objectives of the client, which was to break in a new product into a niche market and create a buzz around it, whilst educating the target customers about the product through the videos.

Zingavita's Effervescent Tablets
ZingaVita's Choco Orange Punch
ZingaVita's Museli Madness

Sachin Goel

Co-Founder - Zingavita

We worked with HBF to create videos to drive engagement on social media & market places. Their team is very responsive and flexible. The videos created with them give a premium brand image for Zingavita which is what we want our customers to perceive.

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