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Introducing Femora

The notion of starting Femora, came from the desire, to have a container that could easily keep food fresh for a longer duration.


Since its inception, the company has progressed at a steady rate & continues to show tremendous development. It has a current growth rate of 40-50% annually. The company’s first milestone was achieved, when a reputed market-leading brand with more than 40 years of experience began producing similar products as Femora. 



The kitchenware sector in India, already has established market leaders, from the likes of Milton, Borosil and many more. Hence, the main challenge was to position Femora different from other competitors and build the trust and credibility among the audience. 


Attracting more consumers to the brand so that they could widen their customer base to sell more products, was something we had to tackle. 



We stepped up the design aesthetics, created a stronger and more pleasing visual language as a result of which the company eventually saw more consumers flocking to buy their products. This is how we achieved the above: 

Femora has hundreds of SKUs in it’s portfolio of products, the first step was to focus on a few of them and find the winners. 


Our team created ads in various formats like GIFs, videos, carousels which showcased the product USPs from the lens of the consumer. These ads were able to attract more consumers through performance marketing initiatives. 


Website banners & occasional sales strategies were made to promote the brand, during peak festive periods within the consumer market.


We acquired hundreds of new customers by targeting ads with precision on a micro level.


Detailed email marketing campaigns were created to nudge the existing customer base to make a 2nd and a 3rd purchase from the website in order to increase the customer retention.


The Result: Within just 3 months' time, Femora saw its ROAS increased to


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Manushree Khandelwal

Founder, Femora

Before working with Halfbutfull, low ROAS was a problem we had. The way their design and plans the creatives is what we felt different from other marketing companies. The best part about working with HBF was smooth communication throughout. 

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