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Introducing Dermatouch

Dermatouch is a skincare brand that specialises in dermocosmetics.


The company thrives on providing its customers with skincare solutions backed by scientifically proven actives and formulations.



Before we came into the fold, the brand was promoting its products through heavy discounts. This was being used as the main strategy to acquire new customers. This is what we wanted to change. 


Standing out in an oversaturated market where new skincare brands pop in and out every day without any discounting, was not going to be an easy task.



We then decided to take a problem-solution approach to fix this.

Some of our strategies included:

Curating campaigns by creating videos on specific skin problems & targeting the people suffering from them. Allowing the customers to deeply understand what they are being offered in detail.


Relatable user-generated content videos created in Hindi in collaboration with influencers. This helped draw in the audience with the local dialect, as they related to the content seamlessly, making them connect with the brand in a strong manner.


Marketing practises such as WhatsApp broadcasts and email marketing, primarily to retain customers. While website optimisation was carried out to increase the conversion rate. 

A reimagined brand positioning that helped with a much more mature brand perception

and elevated the overall aura of the brand. 


Managing customer data efficiently to retain old customers while also gaining access to new ones.


The Result: Within 3 months' time, we
saw an increase in Dermatouch's ROAS by


The conversion on website was increased by


Dermatouch Oil Free Gel
Matte Touch SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen
Dermatouch Kojic Acid Cream
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