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Introducing Curlin.

In a world where hair speaks volumes about confidence and self-expression, Curlin is the trusted companion for every curlyhead seeking a simpler yet highly effective haircare routine.


Curlin's mission is clear: redefine the curly haircare experience.



In a market flooded with hair care brands, including industry giants and numerous newcomers specializing in various hair concerns, mission at Curlin was crystal clear: to make curlin a go-to hair care brand for curly haired folks. This endeavor meant navigating the competitive landscape where the haircare market, although well-established, is fiercely contested by these industry giants.


Curlin's products are not a one-size-fits-all solution; they're tailored exclusively for those with curly hair. Thus, our challenge lay in capturing the attention of this specific audience and securing a share of the market while swimming amidst the big fish of the industry.



We then adopted a problem-solution approach to tackle this challenge head-on. 


Direct Customer Engagement

Tailored videos spotlighted Curlin's products as the ultimate solution for curly hair. These videos effectively conveyed product benefits, strengthening the brand's connection with its audience.


Salon Collaboration

Another strategic solution involved forming partnerships with salon owners. This collaboration encouraged them to seamlessly integrate Curlin products into their services, offering unique experiences like hair spas, demonstrating the transformative potential of it's  products for healthier, more vibrant hair.

Problem-solving Videos

We created targeted video campaigns for specific hair concerns, ensuring customers fully grasp our tailored solutions. From tackling frizz to addressing hair loss and dryness, our videos empower you with in-depth insights for healthier, more manageable hair

In-Depth Market Research

Informed by thorough market research, the solutions capitalized on Curlin's strengths and addressed market dynamics. This approach guided the creation of targeted video ads, strategically tailored to distinct audiences.


These solutions exemplify the power of strategic thinking in overcoming challenges, showcasing that with the right approach, even complex issues can become opportunities for growth and success.


The Result: Curlin's conversion ads yielded improved results by


and Click through rate increased substantially by


Additionally, the number of lead forms filled for B2B collaborations increased by


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