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Munjoh, means mine and to live the Munjoh Life means to live freely and uninhibitedly. And much like our philosophy, our retail story branding is unique and personal to the three islands that it is a part of - Havelock, Neil, and Port Blair.

More than anything Munjoh wishes to create a sense of serenity and tranquil by creating bespoke experiences for their patrons who have seeked them out to let go of life's mundane troubles and embark on an adventure to explore these islands.

Andaman, map, animation

The foundational shape - a triangle has been inspired by the lines connecting the three islands on the map and each island with its unique characteristics has been integrated and put together as a logo for Munjoh Life.

Munjoh logo

Munjoh life stands as an example for bespoke and an experience that is personal and very unique to every person that visits them, therefore the identity boasts elements that each island is proud of.

munjoh Logo Animation.gif

Munjoh life for Havelock island has elements of the sea life it is famous for. For Neil Island we have highlighted its vibrant and diverse bird

life and for Port Blair its celebrated beaches represented through

different shells.

munjoh logo poster
munjoh logo poster
munjoh logo poster

A unique colour palette has been chosen for each of the islands, resonating with themes of the sands, and the sea. A sky blue has been chosen for Havelock, for its waters, Port Blair has the colour of the golden beaches it is famous for and a blue green intonation for Neil representing the healthy forestry it has giving home to a diverse species of bird life.

Munjoh bottle mockup
munjoh logo pins
Munjoh Tshirt
flyer munjoh
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