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Andaman is a place of many mysteries and for the most part undiscovered, fascinating, mysteries. As an establishment in the beautiful place of sea and sands we decided to indulge in its rich social heritage that goes beyond the past of a tyrannical British rule.


Like every other indigenous culture, Andamans have a rich weave of heritage, mythology, culture, and divinity that holds the islands and the people together. It has tied them to a common origin, given them an identity  and has helped them make a sense of the world they live and breathe in, keeping them connected.
Which is why our history cafe decided to make the rich cultural past of the Andamans a part of identity more than highlighting the tranquil beauty of the place.

Delving into the undiscovered tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar islands we undiscovered a mass of information unavailable to the people digitally and have portrayed it throughout our cafe through its art and stories so that people not only remember the islands for its natural calmness but also for the tribes and culture that live on the islands.

Tribes that have unique beliefs, gods and customs that intrigue and question our perceptions of the world we know and sparks the fire of discovering so many yet undiscovered cultures and places of the world.

Gods of Andaman Islands

The Tribes of Andaman have a really good understanding of the rich weave of heritage, mythology and divinity. They want to protect this culture, it's history. They want to protect the balance of the islands which ensures the continuity of its delicate ecosystem and they also know so do their Gods.


The people ensure that they don't upset this balance of the ecosystem that would enrage the Gods. They very well believe in them and respect them. Some respect them out of fear and some out of love and understanding. Here are some of the stories to understand their history and origin.

Masks Digtal Illustration, Digital Painting

Animals of Andaman Islands

In the Andaman folklore, animals play a very important role in preserving the ecosystems. The inhabitants on the island not only avoid messing with them but also respect their existence and their role in nature. There is a reason why even the Gods get engraged when the ecosystems are being tampered with.


The people revere these animals and hence speak about their stories and the role that they play in the islands so that realisation sinks in on all those who set foot on the island. Presenting some of the stories to understand their origin and importance.

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