Excellence technologies is a website and mobile development company that uses modern technology for start ups and established companies across the world.


A major section of their clients were acquired through referrals. They wanted to create new channels through which they can reach prospective clients. Hence they felt the need to build a strong web presence and wanted to turn their website into an asset. Since the majority of their clients are based outside India they wanted their website to be at par with the global standards.


Once being familiar with the problem HBF decided to get a thorough understanding of the services they provide to their clients and how their service is different from their competition.


All the information we attained from strategy sessions with the client, about the brand and their customers was translated into visuals in the form of style scapes. We were able to connect the two elements i.e the brand and its customer using the process. 


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Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

- Henry Ford

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