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Why Gummies?

Neuherbs brings together the wisdom of nature and the precision of science to offer goal-oriented preventive healthcare solutions. It is dedicated to restoring life's natural balance by addressing the gaps created by modern lifestyles. In every product, there is an extra dose of good health, reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to holistic wellness. 


We've artfully crafted three distinct packaging designs, each adorned with its unique theme color, to house Neuherbs' exceptional gummy range. Our approach focused on designing packaging that not only captures the essence of each gummy variety but also ensures a cohesive brand identity. This strategic approach emphasizes how crafting unique design is really important, highlighting the importance of standing out in the competitive marketing world.

Enter Neuherbs

The packaging design for the each of the three products features bright and vibrant hues like purple, pink, and blue, creating a visually soothing aesthetic. The brand's logo placement was crucial to maintain consistency with their other product ranges, which helps customers recognize them. A clear heading communicates the product's name, while a subheading highlights the key ingredients, emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality. The USP, "No sugar added," is displayed on the right side to draw attention and provide a compelling reason to choose these gummies. The packaging also includes a prominent display of the quantity of gummies, ensuring transparency for customers.


For each packaging featuring distinct flavors, such as Good Sleep Gummies (orange flavor), Glow Skin Gummies (mangoflavor), and Grow Hair Gummies (strawberry flavor), we've thoughtfully incorporated visual representations of each flavor onto their respective packaging.


It's worth mentioning that our team was also involved in naming these products "Good Sleep," "Glow Skin," and "GrowHair."


Every aspect of the packaging design for the range has been meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of their respective names. For Good Sleep Gummies, the aim is to promote a good night's sleep; for Glow Skin Gummies, it's to radiate the allure of healthy skin; and for Grow Hair Gummies, it's all about nurturing the growth of luscious, vibrant hair. Each design is a reflection of the unique benefits and aspirations associated with these products.

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