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Dhup Chav is an ongoing project in which we decided to create the visual identity for the local barbers of the city of Mumbai.


While doing a photowalk near the Dadar area of Mumbai, we came across these barbers sitting on the streets. After clicking a few pictures from a distance we decided to go and have a chat with them. One of the barbers told us that his business is going down day by day and he's not getting as many customers as he used to get. On asking why, he told us that people of our generation don't find it cool to sit on the street and get a haircut. This escalated out curiosity and made us do a some more research on these barbers.

These barbers are called Dhup Chav locally, which means Sunlight and shade in english. Since a long time these type of barbers have been sitting under the tree, on the streets and all across the city.


We found out that there are two types of Dhup Chav barbers :

 1. Barbers who sit at a particular place with their Peti (box) which contains all of their tools and equipments and work between a period of 2-3 hours everyday in the 

morning, then provide their services to different clients by going to their places.


2. Barbers who have a fixed place to stay throughout the day . Even though the have a place yet they are not that resourceful. They just have a chair, a mirror and a few tools.


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