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Among the plethora of apps available today for note taking, 'DaVinci notes' has combined multiple features like taking notes, sketching, mind mapping, journaling and making to do lists. All that in one app. 

A multifaceted app, represented by a multitalented man required a logo that was not only recognisable but also

had meaning. 

Therefore, taking from the core of Davinci’s creation, the logo stands not only for the multifaceted functionality of the app, but also for the revolution it aims to bring about.


Much like Da Vinci and his works, this logo had an evolutionary process. Amongst his celebrated works the Vitruvian man was and is the most famous and known. 

Taking the vitruvian star we inverted it, and played with the heart of the star, incorporating the initials of the man in the logo itself to turn it into

the identity that is Da Vinci Notes today.

DVN_logo progression-05.jpg

Da vinci was a keeper of journals. He was a person who believed in capturing the world around him, and his multiple fields of interest were explored through his habit of meticulous documentation. 

Therefore, our identity for the aptly named app began in multiple directions and reached to a combination of logo and type; created by combining the form of an open book - representing the mark of a creative and knowledgeable man i.e. Da Vinci.


We have used the letters of his initials DV and the added N for notes, making the name of the app and creating a unique symbol, that identifies with the brand ambassador as much as it does with the purpose of the app.


Jay Sardeshmukh

Founder, DaVinci Notes App

We needed a logo and app store assets that would make the new DaVinci Notes App stand out in a crowded app marketplace.  I liked the examples of work displayed on their website. I also liked the fact that they were a startup themselves so would understand and grasp our needs better. The best part about the engagement was that they are responsive to their clients needs.

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