Introducing Karisma Diet Centre

Karisma Diet Centre has launched almost two decades ago with a mission to promote and encourage the concept of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Headed by Ms. Renu Puri, team KDC has been catering to clients from more than ten countries and over 100 cities around the world, all of them coming from various backgrounds, lifestyles, locations, eating habits

& family environments.



Karisma diet centre approached us when the world was in a midst of lockdown due to the novel coronavirus. Businesses were plummeting due to the pandemic and thousands of people were being laid off. 


In such a time there were two challenges, one that we have to restructure the marketing strategy for KDC to communicate that customers can easily take diet counselling from the comfort of their homes while being safe. 


Second, with the help of team KDC, we had to change the way they were doing business and transform rapidly into being completely virtual. With the restrictions that come when operating remotely, we had to get new clients for Karisma Diet Centre. 


With the client’s deep understanding of their customer base and our team’s expertise in marketing, we defined effective strategies to get them more business. We were able to establish a collaborative relationship that KDC was looking for. 

Launched new campaigns to capitalise on gifting occasions like Raksha Bandhan


Improved targeting aligned with customer demographics, behaviour & interests 


Designed great creatives and beautiful landing pages to drive conversions 


Strategically executed email campaigns to promote and sell memberships  


The Result: Social media campaigns achieved an average ROAS of      


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Renu Puri

Founder & Senior Nutritionist, Karishma Diet Centre

The best part about working with Halfbutfull was adaptability! 


They listen; that's a big deal for a media agency industry that mostly prefers to just 'present'. Every line of work has nuances, best understood by the owners/teams of that firm. They have been able to adapt to our inputs very smoothly. 


In the challenging period of Lockdown, Halfbutfull came up with productive ideas - combining our strengths & the clients' requirement, under the 'social distancing' purview.