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Bulgaria is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. We studied their culture and festivals and created a series of special edition wine. These wines are designed for a very famous festival of Bulgaria known as Kukeri.


Kukeri is a festival where the men of Bulgaria elaborately dress in wild costumes and animal masks decorated with various textures and elements to perform traditional rituals which intend to scare away evil spirits. 

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Dimiat is a white Bulgarian wine grape. It is one of Bulgaria's most widely planted white grape varieties. According to a legendary tale, this grape was native to the Nile Delta valley (where today there is an Egyptian town with a similar name, Damietta) and was brought back on horses to Thrace by Christian Crusaders. Dimiat wine is light bodied and very aromatic. This wine is usually made with some level of sweetness ranging from off-dry to very sweet. In Bulgaria, some dessert wines are made from Dimiat. The wine is often served very chilled and is usually consumed young, without much ageing.


Blush wine is produced from Misket Varnenski grape variety found in the Rose Valley region which is located to the south of the Balkan Mountains. This grape is grown high up on the mountains. This region is also known for the six-winged deer. In Bulgarian folklore, the deer has a special place. According to traditional belief, it lives in the unscalable mountain nooks and crannies and drinks water from lakes untouched by humans and inhabited by wood-nymphs and dragons. Blush wines tastes very fresh and fruity.


Mavrud is amongst the most ancient and valuable Bulgarian wines. In the late 800s, during the reign of Khan Krum, the cultivation of vines was banned. He ordered to destroy all the vineyards. One day, a lion escaped from its cage and terrorised the city. However, a brave young man named Mavrud saved the city by ceasing the terror of the lion. The king was curious as to how this brave and courageous man was able to heroically control the lion. He called Mavrud's mother and made her spill the beans. She confessed that she secretly prepares wine for her son and every morning she gives wine and bread  for breakfast. Now the king knew what made Mavrud so fearless. He Immediately ordered to replant all the vineyards and named the wine after the lionhearted man Mavrud.

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